Company Profile


          Started in 1999, TPT has utilized its valuable
          heritage of long experience in Internatinoal Trade
          and a strong vision of China’s Bicycle and Toys Industry
          to embark on a remarkable development. To satisfy an ever
          growing market demand, TPT had built its Tianjin factory
          in 2003, which has an annual production capacity of
          one million bicycles.

Our team provides more emphasis on quality - 
Be it process we follow or products we make for our customers.

This persistence had let to us being awarded the ISO9002..

We cater to a wide range of international customers in
different parts of the world.

Our brands are RAMBO , MAXIMA , VENTO and TPT .

In our endeavor to achieve constant improvement,
we at TPT have been sharpening in the following aspects:

        Built up capacity 2.5million

           Product Design
         Instantaneous response to market changes and customer 
  specific requirements

          Meticulous supervision at all stages of production to 
       ensure the best is provided to our customers.

          Customer Service
          Be a customer delight

                    Ready to adapt to change

              Human Resource Development
           Passion, Professionalism and attention to details


The philosophy we follow: Trust Professionalism Team Work



                                                            To view factory facilities please click HERE to see our video.

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