Company Profile

TPT Cycle was founded in 1999 with the focus on process, design, and
quality. In 2003 TPT Cycle built its own factory in Tianjin with highest
performance and engineering standards. In order to satisfy the very
demanding world market, TPT Cycle has achieved remarkable
development and rich experience in international trade. Currently TPT
fulfills the annual production of 1.5 Million bicycles, and the ability to grow
production to 2 Million bicycles in the future.

Today, TPT Cycle designs, engineers, and builds bicycles based on fit,
riding style, and personal preferences, TPT currently produces a large
variety of bicycles for MTB, City, Road, Cruiser, BMX, Kids, ect. These
bikes are available in variety of materials including carbon fiber,
chromium steel, titanium, and aluminum.

Because quality is important and shall always be controlled in stability,
TPT is equipped with advanced quality testing equipment in order to
control the strength and dependability of the components that make up
the bicycle. TPT also has good cooperation with SGS, OMIC, ITS,
COTECNA for production inspection and verification of quality.

At TPT, we believe that bicycles are an integral part of every person’s
lifestyle. To that end we are constantly searching for ways to make
bicycling more enjoyable and fun.

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